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Safety is Everybody's Business

Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS)

Beam/Girder Clamps
These clamps are a practical solution to widespread lifting operations requirements.  Ease of application, time and labor saving elements are of economical importance.  Safety in application and practical design is what every user requires.  The SUPERCLAMP product integrates all of these factors and makes lifting operations safer and financially rational.
Runway Beam Trolleys
These clamps are proven as an ideal solution to conveying problems.  Many hours can be saved in a factory situation by using these clamps where fully manual material handling and conveying operations require the solution of on site conveying problems or lifting operations.

Plate Clamps
These horizontal to vertical plate lifting clamps have been developed to provide the user with a safe to use and easy to handle plate lifting tool.  The locking mechanism provides an additional safety feature for the operator.




Adjustable Universal Rail Lifting Clamps
Developed for standard rail sections, these clamps are adjustable and provide a reliable and secure grip on the rail when tightened.  Its lightweight, versatile adjustability and low maintenance requirements make these clamps a highly recommendable unit for all engaged in the rail industry.




Pipe Lifting Clamps
These clamps are designed for efficient and easy handling of cylindrical objects such as pipes or bars and is easily applied to cylindrical objects.







Adjustable Angle Section Clamps
These clamps serve as an anchor or lifting point when attached to an overhead steel angle section approved for lifting applications.  The "V-Block" Clamping Jaw ensures that the clamp is securely fixed to the angle section when adequately tightened.  These clamps are designed for safety and versatility - each model being suited to accommodate a wide range of steel angle sections.  No tools required as the adjusting mechanism is an integral part of the design features and incorporates an adjusting bar with handle.
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