Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS)


    Since the revision to the OSHA regulations regarding Personal Fall Arrest Systems were instituted, an urgent need has been created for satisfactory methods of connecting the PFAS to the suitable anchor, such as a beam. A brief review of the OSHA regulations and ANSI Z359.1 indicated that SUPERCLAMP offers a solution to most of their situations.

    ANSI Z359.2 section states that the Anchorage Connector “shall be capable of withstanding a 5,000 pound load” and “Anchorage connectors shall meet the strength requirements of the anchorages to which they are coupled as set forth in 7.2.3.” “This section requires”… a strength capable of sustaining static loads, applied in the direction permitted by the PFAS of at least: (a) 3,600 pounds when certification exists.”

    In keeping with the above, please take note that each and every SUPERCLAMP unit is Proof Load Tested at 2:1 and each is fully certified. As an added safety factor, each model has a design factor of 5:1.


    Please remember that in addition to our authorization and certification of their products for Personnel Use, i.e. PFAS Anchorage Connectors, General Clamp Industries, Inc. maintains complete Product Liability insurance.

    Also, on special request we can readily paint specific clamps a distinctive color or provide distinctive markings to indicate that they are “For Personnel Use” only. There may be a nominal charge for this service.


The PFAS certified clamps are listed below:


  • USC-3A - Proof Load Tested at 13,400 lbs.
  • Ideal in applications requiring fixed Anchorage Connector (including vertical column locations)


  • Ideal in application where Anchorage Connector is located overhead
  • Heavier duty USC or S series clamps may be used based on beam flange or restricted side loading as detailed here.


  • Ideal in application when a moveable Anchorage Connect is desired
  • One-piece fully adjustable design
  • Fast and safe installation and removal
  • Anti-drop plates for added security